[Mailman-Developers] mailman and voting

Marilyn Davis marilyn@deliberate.com
Tue Nov 19 00:28:21 2002

I've been waiting for this message to come to me through the list.
Maybe the list is smart enough to not send a duplicate?

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002, Dan Mick wrote:

> > It sounds like a great cause, but I'm not sure how much direct help I
> > can provide.  I'm pretty swamped right now.  I don't know if there are
> > any others on this list that might be able to lend a hand.
> I can't tell what needs to be done, but feel free to contact me; I might be 
> able to help.

My immediate goal is to make an eVote/Clerk distribution that has
instructions for placing eVote/Clerk on top of an already-running
mailman installation.  That will get me out of trouble with the Linux
Journal article which, I'm told, is scheduled for the March issue.

This first mailmaned-eVote will give (force-onto) all lists at the
site the ability to poll themselves.  

If you have time and inclination, you could fix this in mailman.

Even for my first release, I need to add a new argument to
MailList.ApproveAddMember, MailList.ApproveAddMembers, and
MailList.DeleteMember --> eVote_notif=None.  If the argument is None
(the default) then a mail message is generated to:

        eVoteAddress = 'eVote-notify@%s' % self.host_name

If the argument is 0, which is how I call these functions from
clone_member, eVote is not notified.  eVote itself is calling
clone_member and already has changed the address in the Clerk.

Now then, it would be groovy indeed if the admin could set a flag on
her web page to say yes or no to eVoting, if eVoting is available for
the site.  If the answer is no, then eVote_notif should be 0.

Does that sound like a plan?

I have a question.  It's not real important but would eliminate some

When I generate these messages, right now I am doing this:

        subject = 'UNSUBSCRIBE %s' % self.real_name
        text = '%s has unsubscribed from %s' % (name, self.real_name)
        eVoteAddress = 'eVote-notify@%s' % self.host_name
        sender = 'mailman-owner@%s' %  self.host_name
        msg = Message.UserNotification(eVoteAddress, sender, subject, text)
        HandlerAPI.DeliverToUser(self, msg)

The resulting message has some instructions attached.  How do I get it
to stop sending the instructions?  eVote doesn't read them anyway.

Even when I skipped Message.UserNotification:

                    eVoteAddress = ('eVote-notify@%s' % self.host_name)
                    txt = ('%s has been added to %s.' %
                                                  (name, self.real_name))
                    msg = Message.OutgoingMessage(txt)
                    msg['Subject'] = 'SUBSCRIBE %s' % self.real_name
                    msg['From'] = 'mailman-owner@%s' % self.host_name
                    msg['To'] = eVoteAddress
                    msg.recips = [eVoteAddress]
                    HandlerAPI.DeliverToUser(self, msg)

I still get that notification.

How is that happening?

Thank you for any help anyone can give.


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