[Mailman-Developers] SF patches

Barry A. Warsaw barry@python.org
Tue Nov 19 06:21:46 2002

I did a massive triage on the outstanding Mailman patches.  I made
sure every patch fell into one of three groups, depending on the
version it is targeted for.  The groups are:

    Mailman 2.0.x
    Mailman 2.1
    Mailman 2.2 / 3.0

Each patch was also assigned a priority.  Any patch falling into the
Mailman 2.0.x group was given a priority of 1.  Any patch falling into
the 2.2/3.0 group was given a priority of 3.

I plan to address the MM2.1 group patches before the final release.
Anything in MM2.2/3.0 I won't consider for MM2.1 final.  Same goes for
MM2.0.x patches, but those I will likely also close once MM2.1 is

If anybody has a patch in the 2.0.x or 2.2/3.0 group that they really
think ought to go into MM2.1, please make a comment, and if possible,
reassign it to the 2.1 group (if you don't have permission, just add a
comment and I'll decide).  Note that 2.0.x patches must be updated for
current cvs or there's no hope of getting it in.

I plan on doing a triage on the outstanding bug reports too, when
possible.  I want to start whittling things down to the bear
necessities (sic :).


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