[Mailman-Developers] Why are fields initialized with "archive"

Barry A. Warsaw barry@python.org
Tue Nov 19 14:28:37 2002

>>>>> "SB" == Stonewall Ballard <sb.list@sb.org> writes:

    SB> I just cvsupped because I discovered that my current
    SB> installation (about a week old) was initializing some fields
    SB> in the web forms with the word "archive".

    SB> I've seen this as the initial name of a list when creating
    SB> one, and as the password when clicking on a subscriber's email
    SB> address in Membership List mode.

    SB> Unfortunately, the current CVS also does this.

    SB> Is this worth filing a bug report on?

It's definitely worth investigating further <wink>.  I just checked my
personal domains and mail.python.org and neither has this problem.
Take a look at the page source, maybe these default values are coming
from your browser?

    SB> Am I really "one brave soul" to update my Mailman installation
    SB> from CVS?

Nope.  I always try to leave the cvs trunk stable, and I usually run
mail.python.org on very nearly up-to-date.

BTW, I'm just going to update the NEWS file and I'll be releasing b5


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