[Mailman-Developers] Alternate authentication mechanism (was ... RELEASED Mailman 2.1 beta 5)

Stonewall Ballard sb.list@sb.org
Wed Nov 20 20:10:29 2002

On 11/19/02 7:37 PM, "Phil Stracchino" <alaric@babcom.com> wrote:

> Hey, I just had an idea for a Mailman (not necessarily 2.1) feature
> enhancement.  Smack me if this isn't reasonable.
> (GPG scheme elided)
> What do you think?  Thoughts, questions, LARTage?

Nobody on any of the lists I run would have a clue on how to use this.

I'd like to see a different mechanism - when you want to change your account
info, Mailman would email you a URL containing a short-lived session key
that you could use to get to your account page. No passwords.

 - Stoney

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