[Mailman-Developers] [B5] MIME remapping

Luigi Rosa lrosa@mail.hypertrek.info
Thu Nov 21 15:49:37 2002

Hello Simone,
Thursday, November 21, 2002, 2:35:56 PM, you wrote:

>> then either you're not actually sending text/plain messages, or
>> your list is configured to use a language other than English.  b5 adds
>> headers and footers to messages with incompatible MIME types by
>> wrapping them in multipart/mixed.

SP> That's right.
SP> I believe that Luigi has the list configured with lang=it and because
SP> of this headers/footers are marked iso-8859-1... therefore Mailman is
SP> using multipart/mixed to solve the mixed-encoding problem.

That is correct: the list with the problem has italian as a default setting.
Now that we have found the problem, is there a solution? :-)

Best regards,
 Luigi                           mailto:lrosa@mail.hypertrek.info

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