[Mailman-Developers] [Fwd: automating daily send to moderated list]

Danny Terweij danny@terweij.nl
Wed Nov 27 14:06:26 2002

Which version of mailman?

mailman 2.1bx can do it. If i remember somthing with senders filters at the
web GUI interface.
Then you can enter a email adress that can send messages without aproving

Or just subscribe the email address which started the cronjob.


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> No answer on users list, forwarding to developers.


I'm trying to set up a large mailing list (~80k subscribers) using mailman.

It is a moderated list. I would like to automate send of a daily
newsletter to all the subscribers (by script that runs as a cronjob on
the same machine as mailman). However, I don't want to go and approve
the mail manually everyday.

Is that possible?



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