[Mailman-Developers] The plan for 2.1

Barry A. Warsaw barry@python.org
Wed Nov 27 16:42:22 2002

I know I've been fairly quiet on these lists lately.  More on that
later.  For now, I've done a bit of triage on the SF bug reports, and
I hope to have some free time over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend,
so my priority will be to nail as many bugs as possible, and get
another beta out asap.  It's likely that unless I screw up royally,
that that will be the last beta.  We need a period of time where the
translators can do their final updates before the final release, and
time's running short.

Here's my self-imposed schedule:

beta6: 02-Dec-2002
rc1: 09-Dec-2002
rc2: 16-Dec-2002 (if necessary)
final: 23-Dec-2002

This gives me some Xmas slip time if there are critical last minute
bugs.  My intention is for translators to get their last updates in
between rc1 and final (but don't wait if you have stuff ready!).  I'll
be very reluctant to change any templates or marked strings between
rc1 and final.

Cheers, and happy holidays,

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