[Mailman-Developers] Uncaught bounce notification

Danny Terweij danny@terweij.nl
Sat Nov 30 01:16:34 2002

From: "Marc MERLIN" <marc_news@merlins.org>

> So, unless I'm missing something, if you use VERP, you should be able to
> process any bounce from a subscriber.

> Is it desirable for mailman to pass on a VERP bounce coming from a held
> message notification sent to a non subscriber?
> Would  it  make sense  for  mailman  if it  receives  a  bounce that  is
> obviously  verped and  that there  is no  such member,  to just  drop it
> silently (maybe with a log entry)?

I did reported it 2 times. Since CVS 2.1b4 this is happening.
My listowners are getting also this emails if a destination usermailbox has
a qouta exeeded.
Very irritating emails :)

So indeed stop it and my list owners are happy. Some lists i did put off the
bounce checkings.


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