[Mailman-Developers] trying to tweak adminstrative options

Barry A. Warsaw barry@python.org
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 22:25:33 -0400

>>>>> "AL" == Adam Lacey <mradamlacey@hotmail.com> writes:

    AL> I thought if I could find where the pages for the list
    AL> administration options are created, I could simply remove the
    AL> options that I dont want the list administrators access to,
    AL> and if I wanted to change those options, I could simply edit
    AL> via the command line (config_list).

    AL> However, I dont know the structure of the program, or if there
    AL> is a semi-easy solution.  Could anybody shed some light on
    AL> where that particular content is made, where I could edit it,
    AL> or if I can.

There's no trivially easy solution, but you could hack the code.  I
think this would work (for MM2.1): find the attributes you want to
disable in the Mailman/Gui/*.py files and comment them out.  They
won't show up in the admin interface and you'd have to use
bin/withlist (or bin/config_list) to modify them.

Note that this is a fairly heavy handed approach because this will
affect all the lists on your server.