[Mailman-Developers] feature request: new option for reply_goes_to_list

Marc MERLIN marc_news@merlins.org
Sun, 8 Sep 2002 23:37:07 -0700

On Sun, Sep 08, 2002 at 09:42:08PM -0700, Peter C. Norton wrote:
> > Now that I  think of it, it wouldn't  be too hard for mailman  when it sends
> > the list copy out to (optionally) remove from Cc all the Emails from members
> > that have the nodupes option set.
> > That way, the  Cc would be left  only with Emails that  aren't subscribed to
> > the list.
> > 
> > What do you think?
> That would definetly limit the # of Cc:'s on a message.  Its an
> interesting approach, though perhaps too subtle.  I think it would be
> appropriate to also have an option that just stripped Cc's.
That wouldn't  work too  well I  think, if  I post to  a list  and Cc  a non
subscriber on purpose, the non subscriber will not get the replies (although
admittedly, he  won't get them  either if people  use list reply  instead of
group reply)
> > Unfortunately you  aren't the only  one. Am I  so deluted to  still want
> > people to learn and know just a tiny little bit about their mail clients
> > and use them properly?
> Marc, I noticed that  I got 2 of these messages in  my inbox.  Even though
> you know I'm  subscribed to mailman-developers, you sent me  a copy.  This

I usually use group reply instead of list-reply because of the above reason.
The other reason is that if you are Cced in the answer, you see I answered
your post and you can sort the mail in a way that you'll read it earlier.

I didn't see your answer because I wasn't  Cced, and it could have sat in my
random list mail folder for quite a while before I saw it.

But since you requested it (people usually  but it in the header or footer),
I used list reply on this answer.

> is the thing  that I use reply-to  forcing to prevent.  I  suspect you did

Well, you are behind  the times :) Ben and I got code  in mailman 2.1 (which
runs  this list)  that lets  you not  get the  second copy. You  just didn't
enable the option.
Go to http://mail.python.org/mailman-21/options/mailman-developers
and check "Avoid duplicate copies of messages?"

Besides reply-to munging  in no way prevents you from  getting a copy: group
reply will reply to the reply-to address +  To + Cc, so everyone gets a copy

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