[Mailman-Developers] recompiling a python module

Adam Lacey mradamlacey@hotmail.com
Mon, 09 Sep 2002 20:34:01 -0500

Using Mailman 2.0.9, I am trying to limit access to certain administrative 
options (pretty much everything except for membership management)

Barry Watson was helpful, but maybe anyone really good with python can help 
me more ---

How can I recompile (specifically admin.py) into byte code (I assume 
admin.pyc) ??  Because it is linked to several other modules, I cant seem to 
get it to compile.  By the way, my understanding is, to compile you enter 
the python environment and then use the compile command.

Should I run 'make' in the source file to recompile everything with my 
edited admin.py?

Basically I need some help in integrating my change into Mailman.


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