[Mailman-Developers] Re: Odd message body "/root/8e8Ta4: Permission denied" (2.1b2)

David Gibbs david at midrange.com
Tue Feb 11 14:00:52 EST 2003

"Nick Arnett" <narnett at mccmedia.com> wrote in message
news:PHEDLIMPMIAGAEPEFBGCKEGLFHAA.narnett at mccmedia.com...
> One of my list moderators accidentally approved a bit of spam to a list.
> The message that went to the subscribers contained nothing other than the
> line "/root/8e8Ta4: Permission denied" and the footer.

Redhat & lynx, right?

I've been meaning to put an FAQ entry up (as Barry asked me to, sorry).  It
has to do with the user that lynx runs under.

Take a look at
http://www.mail-archive.com/mailman-users@python.org/msg14584.html for more


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