[Mailman-Developers] email comparison bug?

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Jan 1 20:47:01 EST 2003

>>>>> "SB" == Stonewall Ballard <sb.list at sb.org> writes:

    SB> One of my users got two notices for her two lists at one
    SB> domain, instead of one notice with two password/URLs.

    SB> One of the lists has her address all lower case, and the other
    SB> is capped like this: HerName at aol.com

    SB> They're exactly the same otherwise. Is this a bug in 2.1's
    SB> comparison function that it uses to group accounts for
    SB> "global" operations and monthly notices?

    SB> This is with 2.1 final.

Ah, I re-read this, and tested it with two lists.  Yes, it's
definitely a bug with the monthly notices (it should group them case
insensitively).  I'll try to fix that, and also check the global


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