[Mailman-Developers] email comparison bug?

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Jan 1 20:49:44 EST 2003

>>>>> "SB" == Stonewall Ballard <sb.list at sb.org> writes:

    SB> One of the lists has her address all lower case, and the other
    SB> is capped like this: HerName at aol.com

Sorry for the frenetic responses...

Here's the comment in mailpasswds:

                # BAW: we group by cpaddress because although it's highly
                # likely, there's no guarantee that person at list1 is the same
                # as PERSON at list2.  Sigh.

`cpaddress' being the case-preserved (i.e. subscribed) address.  I
think this comment is wrong because it's not list1 and list2 we care
about, it's person at example.com vs. PERSON at example.com, and everywhere
else in Mailman we equate these two addresses, so we should do the
same in mailpasswds.


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