[Mailman-Developers] more on that password crash.

Chuq Von Rospach chuqui at plaidworks.com
Wed Jan 1 22:24:02 EST 2003

On Wednesday, January 1, 2003, at 10:05  PM, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

> I posted a follow up in the forum linked off your blog.  It looks liek
> a from-source build of Python 2.2.2 doesn't have this problem, so it's
> only Apple's Python distro that seems to be affected.  I've no idea
> how that gets built, so the best I can guess is that it's an Apple
> goof-up.

agreed. it's a little bit of sloppiness, where they appended a -arch 
ppc instead of replacing the -arch i386. This keeps the multi-byte 
character stuff from compiling. And I bet since I've had that stuff 
enabled for testing, someone on my list has set that to their language, 
so when we tried to send the password, it barfed. I'm going to wait a 
week or so and then resend passwords...

> (Aside: Chuq, how can we better help Apple with their Python stuff?)

dunno. but I'll check.

> Please do add a FAQwiz entry, and if you can write something up for
> README.MACOSX that'd be awesome.  Actually, that file's a little lean
> anyway, so any info you'd like to add, please just send it my way. :)

I've got that on my list. First chance I get. Right now, I'm beating 
sendmail into a pulp on the xServe and trying to build an ssh tunnel 
for a tool to send email on remote machines instead of feeding into 
port 25 (why? Because solaris is butt slow compared to the Xserves, and 
I run out of resources, so I'm using scp and ssh to offload the 
delivery onto the xServe before firing up the script)

Chuq Von Rospach, Architech
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Very funny, Scotty. Now beam my clothes down here, will you?

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