[Mailman-Developers] email comparison bug?

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Thu Jan 2 21:59:38 EST 2003

At 23:28 -0500 1/1/2003, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
>>>>>> "JWB" == John W Baxter <jwblist at olympus.net> writes:
>    JWB> Since <HerName> *can* be a different account than is
>    JWB> <hername>, I think we're stuck, even though it almost never
>    JWB> is.  When there is a sitewide database of Mailman
>    JWB> users...we'll STILL be stuck, I fear, although the GUI might
>    JWB> allow a user to say the equivalent of "that's me, too."
>Mailman's policy is that membership is by case-insensitive email
>address, and it preserves the case of the subscribed address only for
>the recipient address (either envelope or From:).
>When there's a unified user database (read: Mailman 3.0), an email
>address with any combination of case will still point to the same user
>record, but it may be possible for users to add delivery addresses
>with different cases.

To me, it sounds reasonable.  To folks in the last holdout case-sensitive
local part domain, it likely doesn't.  ;-)

And given the policy, the behavior I defended is indeed wrong.

  --John (who doesn't know anyone in that last holdout case sensitive local
part domain)
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