[Mailman-Developers] Re: [Mailman-Users] "Invite" vs. autoresponders

Stonewall Ballard sb.list at sb.org
Fri Jan 3 08:52:25 EST 2003

On 1/3/03 5:49 AM, "Fil" <fil at rezo.net> wrote:

>>     SB> I've recently discovered that vacation autoresponders will
>>     SB> subscribe recipients to Mailman lists when they get "invited".
>> Dang.  This is because the From address contains the confirmation
>> cookie encoded in the address.  This might kill this idea for
>> ease-of-use confirmations.
> I would imagine that, if the autoresponder is set to answer emails coming
> with a 'Precedence: list' header, the bug is with them, not with Mailman.
> You don't want to kill a good functionality just because most autoresponders
> are very poorly written - avoiding loops is enough ;)

Blaming the client doesn't work. These people are being subscribed to a list
without their knowledge or assent. That's a fatal error to the list manager.

 - Stoney

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