[Mailman-Developers] Strangely broken list discovered

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at Sun.COM
Mon Jan 6 10:49:39 EST 2003

Stonewall Ballard wrote:
> I have a list that is one of about ten in a particular domain. The list has
> been unused for about 8 months (it's a seasonal thing), but someone sent a
> message to it, and the moderator message I got had the wrong URL in it.
> The list is at the domain <lists.dom.ain>, but some poking around at it
> showed that the admindb part thought that it was at <www.dom.ain>.
> Everything else about it seemed ok, but I couldn't handle any admin requests
> because all the links on the admindb pages were pointing to the www host.
> I dumped the list out with config_list, but there was no mention of
> <www.dom.ain> in there. Not having any other ideas, I deleted and recreated
> the list, and now all is well.
> I still have the list files on a backup if someone (i.e. Barry) wants to
> take a look at this. Since I don't know what version of Mailman created the
> list, possibly a 2.0 variant or early 2.1 beta, I can't say whether this is
> a real bug, but I wanted this to go on record in case it happens to someone
> else.
>  - Stoney

See bin/fix_url.py.

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