[Mailman-Developers] a stupid but useful backup script for Mailman

Fil fil at rezo.net
Tue Jan 14 11:55:26 EST 2003


every day at 11:00 I run this script on my Mailman lists, and receive a
nicely formatted email showing who un/subscribed to what list, what did the
list owners do (or try to do), and so on. And of course it stores gzipped
copies of the list of subscribers and of the configurations in my
/var/state/mailman/ folder.

I've updated it a bit since I wrote it (version 0.13 was dated year 2000).
Here's version 0.14 if it can be of any interest to anyone. It's quick and
dirty, but I've been using it for more than two years without a glitch.

-- Fil

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