[Mailman-Developers] Create mailing list on the web error

Bryan Fullerton bryanf at samurai.com
Tue Jan 14 15:49:56 EST 2003

On Monday, January 13, 2003, at 05:32 PM, Kory Wheatley wrote:

> I received the below error when I tried to create a mailing list from
> the Mailman web interface page. It did add the list into the alias 
> file,
> but it
> failed to run "postalias" probably because of permission issue's I'm
> guessing.
> I have my alias file in /var/mailman/mailman/data/aliases
> and the permissions are  rw-rw----  mailman  mailman       aliases.

Unfortunately, for some reason bin/check_perms doesn't check 
permissions on the aliases* files in the data directory - this should 
be fixed (I'll look at a patch in a bit).

I suspect that the problem is similar to one I had - your aliases.db 
file is probably not group writable (or isn't owned by the mailman 
group). Because all the web scripts run setgid as the mailman group, 
all files accessed by the web need to be group writable as that group.

Here are the permissions on mine (which I just tested):

-rw-rw----  1 root     mailman  33256 Jan 14 15:44 aliases
-rw-rw-r--  1 mailman  mailman  57344 Jan 14 15:44 aliases.db



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