[Mailman-Developers] Hello folks, I just joined the list

Erik erik at eskimo.com
Wed Jan 8 23:00:52 EST 2003

I'm in serious need....

I'm on a mailinglist run on (X-Mailman-Version: 2.0.8).  This list is desperately in need of the "limit posts per day" feature.  I see it on the wishlist at (http://www.list.org/todo.html):

Add a limit on the number of posts from any one individual within a period of time (1 post per day, 10 per week, etc). 

Do you have an idea of how hard this would be to add?  I've been around computers and programming for 30 years, starting with Fortran in high school on a CDC 3300, including assembler (Motorola 68K), C (Unix 4.1 BSD - 4.3 BSD, Solaris), C++, C# (NT, XP, etc), some scripting with sh and csh, perl, etc., but no Python (yet).  I'm sure I could eventually figure it out.  I'd like to volunteer to do the work, but I'd like to know what I'm up against first.  I've downloaded the 2.0.8 sources but haven't had time to look through them carefully.

Any words of wisdom (sure, it's easy ... forget it, it's hopeless)?


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