[Mailman-Developers] Re: [LO] Huge messages... a problem while moderating

FREDERICK NORONHA fred at bytesforall.org
Tue Jan 14 02:19:53 EST 2003

Just soem replies:

(i) I worked on Majordomo earlier, and found it (despite its other 
shortcomings and lack-of-development for years) to be rather precise 
and easy-to-operate if one opted to send in commands via email. 
Perhaps Majordomo's strong dependence on email is based on the fact 
that it evolved largely in a pre-Web world. But we must remember 
that email is still the most affordable means of access for many, it 
is less time-consuming to use, and in parts of the globe where 
people like me live (India) it's sometimes not practical to expect 
to stay on the web for long (read, more than ten minutes).

(ii) Easier URLs to remember the Mailman pages would help. Looks 
like every sysadm has his / her own way of setting up the URLs 
leading to the approve-page etc

(iii) When on the Net, is it not possible to have one simple step to 
decide whether to subscribe someone in a digest mode or non-digest 
mode? As of now, I first need to subscribe that someone; then go 
back and locate his/her address rightly, and then change the mode to 
digest/non-digest as required.

(iv) Re the ability to search for a member's address, in case he/she 
needs to be removed, this is what I meant. Imaging I have an 800 
member list. The person who wants to be removed doesn't remember 
exactly which address he subscribed on. It could be one of many 
options, containing the word, say, *abilio*. Is it not possible for 
me to do a search in the entire database of subscribers, and just 
pull up all the *abilios* to see which might be the possible 
subscriber? This would help greatly, rather than having to search 
manually across the 800 member list. FN

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