[Mailman-Developers] re: 2.1 final - some arch problems

Andrew D. Clark andrew.clark at ucsb.edu
Thu Jan 23 10:27:44 EST 2003

Seems like the problem may not actually be with bin/arch, but rather 
the standard archiving.  The list in question currently has a backlog 
in the  archive queue (around 950 files), and the index.html file being 
generated by the archiving only lists last month (probably because the 
messages it's currently dealing with are dated Dec 2002).  It also 
takes a fair amount of time (around 1 min or more) to process each 
message in the archive queue.  Even better, it's sticking Jan 22, 2003 
messages into the December, 2002 text file.
Also, any plans to provide some built-in archive management (limits on 
age and/or size, etc.) in Mailman?  I realize it's not too hard to 
automate and do via some external script, but it seems like a function 
that mailman itself should have.

Andrew Clark
Campus Network Programmer
Office of Information Technology
University of California, Santa Barbara
andrew.clark at ucsb.edu (805) 893-5311

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