[Mailman-Developers] My Scroll To CMM Needs Help To Work With All Mailman Digests

Bernie Zenis bzenis at mac.com
Fri Jan 31 12:30:43 EST 2003


I'm looking for what is constant in all Mailman digests. For example,
  - Do all digests start with "Send <list name> mailing list submissions 
  - Do all digests have a "Today's Topics" section?
  - Do all messages start with "Message: <message number>"?
  - Do all digests end with "End of <list name> Digest"?

I'm working on a Contextual Menu 
Module/Item/Plugin/whatever-Apple-calls-it-today for Mac OS X. It 
allows the user to Control-Click in a mailman digest and get a "Scroll 
To" submenu which allows easy scrolling directly to any message.

I originally wrote the code to work with digests of Apple's mailing 
lists (http://www.lists.apple.com/). Now I see that Apple and many 
others use Mailman. So, I decided to try to generalize my code to work 
with all Mailman digests.

I don't know Mailman or anything about it. I need some help so that my 
code can robustly scan Mailman digests. I realize that I will probably 
have to work with text in non-English languages if I want my CMM to 
work with non-English digests.


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