[Mailman-Developers] smtpd.py MailmanProxy port 25 non-root

Larry Tjoelker larryt at winfirst.com
Fri Jan 24 14:34:12 EST 2003

I'm experimenting with smtpd.py MailmanProxy, the version in the
current 2.2 distribution.

Wondering the best way to listen on port 25 and run as non-root.  For
now, smtpd.py starts up with the "--nosetuid" option so it can bind to
the privileged port, thus starting as root.  To let the daemon run as
the "mail" user and Enqueue messages with mail user ownership, I added
a setuid call in the MailmanProxy class.  Any advice how this should
have been done?

Also, I notice that on my test box qrunner uses the system mail
daemon.  Is there a configuration that lets qrunner call some python
code to deliver list mail?  I'm using Mailman 2.08.


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