[Mailman-Developers] Storing additional user data

Chris Boulter chris at jellybaby.net
Tue Jul 8 15:19:59 EDT 2003


I'm hoping to use Mailman, but have a few requirements which may not be
addressed 'out of the box'. In particular, I'm integrating with another
system and would like to store the foreign system's user IDs in Mailman so
that I can correlate our users with Mailman subscribers. This will then
allow us to do things like replicate changes to users' email addresses,
which they currently enter in the foreign system.

I've considered using clone_member from the command line, but this seems
like it might not be problem-free. For instance, a user could change his
email address to match someone else's who's already subscribed to one or
more lists, and then change it back, and thus hijack that user's identity
(identifying only be email address, the users would become indistinguishable
to us).

Does Mailman support the storage of any sort of user metadata? If not, would
it be easyish to add? I'm not terribly familiar with Python, but it looks
like I could add attributes to a class and then have them persisted by
Python's 'marshalling' into a (non-standard) Mailman database.


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