[Mailman-Developers] Ang: [Mailman-Announce] [Fwd: [Mailman-cabal] Linux Expo UK 2003 - .OrgVillage Free Space for Mailman] (Semester)

Mikael Sjöblom mikael.sjoblom at sr.se
Tue Jul 22 16:04:36 EDT 2003


Jag har semester till den 11 Augusti.
Vid akuta ärende kontakta Henrik Ståhle

>>> "mailman-developers at python.org" 07/22/03 14:54 >>>

This sounds like an interesting opportunity to get some more Mailman
exposure.  I won't be able to attend, but if any of our UK or Euro
friends are planning to, would you be willing to volunteer a little time
at the booth?  If so, please let me and Brian know (I don't know what
all is involved, other than shouting at the top of your lungs every five
minutes: "Mailman Rocks!" :)


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