[Mailman-Developers] odd problem: since MM 2.1 upgrade all links to public list archives are broken

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Sat Mar 15 21:40:51 EST 2003

Hi mailman developers,

First off; thanks for a wonderful package. We've been using Mailman for 
years to keep thousands of open source bioinformatics developers and 
users in touch with each other.

Now I've got a problem that seems really odd. I'm a little bit afraid 
that it may have been caused by some old cruft left over in our mailman 
dir which has been subjected to many mailman upgrade installs over the 

The SMTP/mailman box is a Dec Alpha workstation running Redhat Linux 6.x 
with python 2.3.

The problem:

Since upgrading to Mailman 2.1 (problem persists with MM 2.1.1) all of 
our mailman list pages that point to the public list archives are broken.

The URL is presented as "<server>/pipermail/" instead of 

This prevents our web vistors from getting to our list archives as they 
are presented with a "you are not allowed to access /pipermail/" error 
each time.

We have not changed our templates at all. In fact I blew away the 
templates directory right before upgrading to 2.1.1.  I've verified in 
the template HTML that the "MM-List-Name" etc. data seems to be in the 
right place.

Here are a couple of example pages with broken links to the public list 


The list name is obviously getting substituted into other parts of the 
page. It's just not getting appended to the end of "/pipermail/" in the 
URL for the public list archive.

Private archives work fine. I've taken one list and converted the 
archives from public->private and the resulting "listinfo" page then 
produces a perfect link to the private archive.

Any hints? Has anyone seen this before?


Chris Dagdigian, <dag at sonsorol.org>
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