[Mailman-Developers] Converting from MM1.1 to MM2.1.1

Grant Cullen grant at libertyrms.info
Tue May 6 16:57:19 EDT 2003

Yes I am making that big a jump.

MM1.1 is running currently, we are replacing the server and in the
process upgrading all of our software.

The problem is:

New lists created on the new system show up when the listinfo page is
displayed.  Lists which are copied over from the old system do no appear
on the listinfo page, but are accessible.

Obviously the configuration files are different, but mailman seems to be
able to handle that.

Running the config_list command on new list and a copied over list
produce similar output.

Suggestions would be appreciated.
Grant Cullen <grant at libertyrms.info>
Liberty RMS

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