[Mailman-Developers] HTML/plain text lists

David Birnbaum davidb at chelsea.net
Sun Nov 9 21:43:20 EST 2003


I have a rather large list (broadcast-style) that is currently going out
in plain-text.  We have a request from on-high to start sending out email
in HTML format, but allow people to select which format to get it in.

I see the nifty content filtering section.  I was wondering, though, if
it's on the horizon (or even the design sphere) to allow:

1.  People to specify which type (HTML v. plain text) of message (not
    digest) they want;

2.  Write code to allow Mailman to take messages to the list that contain
    both parts to send only the part that the user wants.

Since this is not an open-collaboration list like this one, but rather a
one-way broadcast, email sent to the list for forwarding would always have
the "right" formatting to go out.

I realize that there are ways to work around this (eg, two lists, one for
each type), but it would be neat to have it work in one piece.



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