[Mailman-Developers] Mysql MemberAdaptor, v1.47. Bounce handling fixed?

Kyrian (List) kyrian-list at ore.org
Mon Nov 10 06:17:49 EST 2003


Right. The bounce info lastnotice and date are tuple variables of
(year, month, day). I've now got the MySQL adaptor returning those
after a little bit of hackery, which seems to correctly trigger the rest
of the bounce code in Bouncer.py, as expected.

So, I think it's all working now. I won't be able to tell for certain
until tomorrow, unless I change the system clock on my workstation
(obviously I'm not going to do that, because it'll naff everything else
up), because of these things:

Nov 10 11:06:48 2003 (2101) test: XXXX at YYY.co.ZZZ already
scored a bounce for today

But the mere fact that they are coming up, I think is enough to say I've
got it right.

Appropriate version has duly been uploaded to:




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