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Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Tue Nov 11 04:52:07 EST 2003

We have upgraded to mailman 2.1.3 quite a while ago.
I'm managing several dozen mailing lists one of which is very
active (2100 subscribers; 45% daily digest, about 70 messages a day)

and as you can imagine with so many subscribers (from all over
the world) address bounces are not rare.

My problem is that I get about 50 "Uncaught bounce
notification"s per day, only few of which are spam/virus
Is anyone working on improving the 
  `` but either the bounce format was not recognized, 
     or no member addresses could be extracted from it ''
I do see many (like the following) very it seems very easy to do
both (recognize bounce format and extract member address; in the
attached example, gustavo at lscp.pqi.ep.usp.br is clearly
subscribed to the mailing list "r-help").

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