[Mailman-Developers] New SpamAssassin handler on sf.

PieterB PieterB at gewis.nl
Tue Nov 18 06:01:08 EST 2003

On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 10:52:44PM +0000, Richard Barrett wrote:
> Might I ask why enthusiasts for integration SpamAssassin with Mailman 
> do not care about delivery of spam to other mail aliases in their 
> domain. And if they do so care, why do they not concentrate on stopping 
> spam reaching all of their mail aliases.
> I guess I cannot understand why you are messing around integrating 
> SpammAssassin with Mailman when you should be integrating it with your 
> MTA so that the spam never gets anywhere near Mailman.
> Or did I miss something important along the way.

I would like spamassassin integration with mailman because, there
are some messages that tend to be tagged as spam and in fact are
not. Messages that are scored between about 4 and 10 should be
moderated by the list administrators. Ideally the moderation range
should be configurable per-list. The current implementation is
systemwide, but that works well enough for me.

I don't use bayes-filters per list, but use one bayes filter for
all messages processed by mailman (most of my lists are low traffic,
so I assume bayes filtering doesn't do very much in that case).

The SpamAssassin filter at
http://gewis.nl/~pieterb/python/SpamAssassin.py.txt handles both
cases of integration and I wonder what's needed to get something
like this in the default mailman's distribution. 

The things that should be done:
- make it i18n-aware (i haven't looked into that yet)
- improve documentation / faq entry
- ... (anything else?)



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