[Mailman-Developers] Any other NNTP gatewayers out there? SMTP reject bounce processing is broken?

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Wed Nov 26 12:01:44 EST 2003

At 10:23 AM -0500 2003/11/26, Barry Warsaw wrote:

>  Does anybody else gateway messages from NNTP, and specifically Usenet
>  using Mailman 2.1.x?

	I was doing that for comp.protocols.time.ntp for ntp.org 
(gatewayed to questions at ntp.org).

>  We've been seeing a very weird behavior where python-list (which is
>  gated to and from comp.lang.python) suddenly mass bounce disables every
>  regular delivery member.  The triggering bounce messages always come
>  from NNTP, never from email.  The problem doesn't appear to affect
>  digest members.  There are other clues <wink>.

	I imagine this is because digest mode results in stripping out 
the problematic headers that would cause Exim to barf on the message. 
Since the digest version of the message is sanitized, the digests get 
through okay, while the unsanitized version of the message is 

>  I think part of the problem is our Exim config, and I'm working with the
>  other python.org postmasters to address that.

	We were using postfix, not exim.  I don't recall running into any 
problems with the gatewaying which were a result from postfix 
rejecting messages, however.

	I do recall reporting problems whereby we tried to set up the 
list as "closed" (so that only subscribers could post), and mailman 
made the mistake of applying this action to incoming NNTP messages as 
well as incoming SMTP messages, resulting in moderation notices being 
sent to anyone who posted via NNTP from an address that was not 
subscribed to the list.

	As such, we were forced to turn off this feature.  It would be 
nice if there was a way to get mailman to apply certain features to 
messages only coming in via one of these mechanisms.  For example, I 
would still like to apply the anti-spam methods and MIME format 
stripping methods to messages coming in via both SMTP and NNTP, but 
I'd like to be able to apply the posting restrictions only to 
messages coming in via SMTP.

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