[Mailman-Developers] GUI hacking for SA integration

PieterB PieterB at gewis.nl
Thu Nov 27 03:47:23 EST 2003

On Wed, Nov 26, 2003 at 04:33:45PM -0400, Jeff Warnica wrote:
> First: If I was to submit a (compleate) set of patches that allow at
> least some per list configuration for SpamAssassin integration, would
> they be accepted? 

I hope those patches will be accepted! Also see my patch mentioned
in http://www.mail-archive.com/mailman-developers@python.org/msg06837.html
It would be great if the MM 2.1.4 distribution will contain the
files needed for spamassassin integration. It can be disabled by
default, and some docs should be added of how to install it (or
should it only be mentioned in the Mailan FAQ?).

I think mailman/sa integration should be considered in two places:

Enabling/disabling SA-integration and settings scores

I think Privacy Options | Spam Filters should have three more options:

Use SpamAssassin headers: yes/no

SpamAssassin Hold score: (default 5)

SpamAssassin Discard score: (default 10)

If the scores are left empty, the default score of the mailman-list
should be used.

Moderating messages

Integrating moderation of spam messages that are holded in 'admindb'.

Jeff wrote:
> Likely it would be hard coded at 3 possible actions
> discard, hold for moderation, or pass through, as I cant think that
> anyone would want to bounce spam.

I don't understand this. There are currently four options in 'admindb'
moderation: defer/approve/reject/discard. It might the best to have
a fifth option if spam assassin integration is enabled on the list:
"discard spam". That would make it possible to integrate spam bayes
learning or spam reporting on those messages (i can imaging that
bouncing spam to a spamtrap is usefull in some setups as well).  On
the other hand it might be confusing for moderators to have two
'discard' options, and I doubt if many non-spam messages are discarded
by moderators. Thoughts?

I'm willing to help you with the SA-integration. I didn't hear
Barry's opinion on integrating SpamAssassin and mailman.




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