[Mailman-Developers] bugtraq submission warning: email address harvesting exploit

Terri Oda terri at zone12.com
Thu Nov 27 12:52:15 EST 2003

On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 09:17:33AM -0800, Chuq Von Rospach wrote:
> if it can be made accessible, I have no problem with it. But I think 
> it's solving the wrong problem, because the data is still accessible to 
> a motivated person. you're not fixing the issue, simply raising the bar 
> and hoping they give up. It won't stop the spammer who hires a dozen 
> temps to surf web sites and authenticate their bots through, right?

Of course.  We should remember that *that's* the reason not to do turing

Incidentally, I don't advocate their use either --I think a CGI
address-eater as Chuq describes is probably is the way to go, and given more
time I'd even write it-- but I wanted to make sure they weren't dismissed
out of hand for technical reasons.  


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