[Mailman-Developers] GUI hacking for SA integration

Jeff Warnica jeffw at chebucto.ns.ca
Thu Nov 27 13:34:42 EST 2003

Im not what you could consiter a power user as far as Mailman is
concerned, but it is my understanding that there is more then one way
for messages to get into the 'admindb' (if thats what the
to-be-moderated queue is called). Being flaged as spam would be another
way to enter that queue. How it gets out (or not...) is up to admindb,
not to either the current SA 'Handlers', or my proposed

Unless I wanted to hack up that subsystem so that the choices a
moderator had were based on how the message got there, I guess its just
a matter of having another canned error message. Its not much of a
difference either way as far as code goes.

As for actual help, I think Im well on my way. Some of the options
remain up to the site admin (spamd/headers, regexp), but on/off, the
scores (reject, to-queue, member bonus) are now per-list configurable.
Ive got to move it from my workstation over to a system that is (a bit
more) 'live', and now add that other canned message.. But that might
already be in the Handler... If I can figgure out how to get 'diff' to
give me the new files and not just tell me about them, I could have a
patchset up within a day.

On Thu, 2003-11-27 at 04:47, PieterB wrote:

> Integrating moderation of spam messages that are holded in 'admindb'.
> Jeff wrote:
> > Likely it would be hard coded at 3 possible actions
> > discard, hold for moderation, or pass through, as I cant think that
> > anyone would want to bounce spam.
> I don't understand this. There are currently four options in 'admindb'
> moderation: defer/approve/reject/discard. It might the best to have
> a fifth option if spam assassin integration is enabled on the list:
> "discard spam". That would make it possible to integrate spam bayes
> learning or spam reporting on those messages (i can imaging that
> bouncing spam to a spamtrap is usefull in some setups as well).  On
> the other hand it might be confusing for moderators to have two
> 'discard' options, and I doubt if many non-spam messages are discarded
> by moderators. Thoughts?
> I'm willing to help you with the SA-integration. I didn't hear
> Barry's opinion on integrating SpamAssassin and mailman.

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