[Mailman-Developers] bugtraq submission warning: email address harvesting exploit

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Sat Nov 29 20:31:06 EST 2003

On Sat, 29 Nov 2003 19:43:48 +0000 
Richard Barrett <r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk> wrote:
> On 29 Nov 2003, at 14:55, J C Lawrence wrote:
>> On Sat, 29 Nov 2003 14:40:48 +0000 Richard Barrett
>> <r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk> wrote:

> ... I know that Mailman developers are not interested in my input
> about major new releases.

I have no reason to believe that.

>>> However, offering an immediate fix for an arguably valid criticism
>>> of the current stable release that would not have a major
>>> destabilizing effect on that stable release seems worthwhile to me.

>> Fair dinkum, and I've not argued otherwise.

> It was square bunkum when I lived in oz. 

I heard and used both in my time there (Qld and NSW, 70's and mid 80's).

> But by pressing on the v3 issues that is precisely what you are
> doing. 

No.  I've made no comment or assertion regarding v2 impacts.  You appear
to consider yourself attacked.  You haven't been attacked.  Rather I've
stated an undocumented impact of your patch which is significant to
certain deployments.

> You really are too clever for me. 



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