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John A. Martin jam at jamux.com
Fri Sep 5 12:46:53 EDT 2003

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>>>>> "baw" == Barry Warsaw
>>>>> "Re: [Mailman-Developers] script"
>>>>>  05 Sep 2003 08:08:41 -0400

    baw> Take a look in cvs.  There's a script called bin/discard
    baw> which takes a list of file names and does proper discards on
    baw> all those files.  I'll be testing it on mail.python.org when
    baw> 1) I dig out from the mail hell we've been in for the last
    baw> few days, and 2) SF's CVS stops sucking <wink>.

I hope this is something where the choice of what to discard rests
with the individual list owner/moderator.

Until now, with Mailman, content discrimination has been solely up to
the individual list owner and his minions.  IMHO it is good to make it
easy for the individual list owners to do their job, but anything that
requires content decisions to be made across all lists on a Mailman
will be inappropriate for at least some, and probably many, mailing
list operators.  Consider a Mailman that carries many diverse lists
including some that, for example, are directly involved with Nigerian
affairs and Nigerian folk.  Also, depending who operates Mailman and
under what auspices and under what jurisdiction, an operator that
exercises some discrimination based upon content may viewed as being
responsible for content in general.  For the sake of those operators
who cannot take such responsibility, please continue to make any
facilities for discriminating based upon content be tailored to the
needs of individual lists and by the individual list owners.

Elsewhere recently there has been mention of Baysen spam filters or
the like for Mailman.  Again, to be generally useful, it would, IMHO,
be necessary to allow these features to be tailored to the needs of
individual lists and to continue to plaice all responsibility firmly
with the individual list owner where that is the policy of the Mailman




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