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Simone Piunno pioppo at ferrara.linux.it
Fri Sep 5 23:33:56 EDT 2003

On Friday 05 September 2003 18:16, Barry Warsaw wrote:

> > Elsewhere recently there has been mention of Baysen spam filters or
> > the like for Mailman.  Again, to be generally useful, it would, IMHO,
> That's how my Spambayes patch to Mailman works.  It hooks into the
> normal approval process.  It'll likely need updating to the latest
> versions of Spambayes (which recently underwent an interface upheaval).
> I'd probably be inclined to put this on the feature list for Mailman
> 2.2.

I'm using this patch (slightly adapted) on our servers since early april.  It 
works almost seamlessly and its very effective but still lacks some UI 
controls, e.g. actually there's no way to train the filter TTW with a message 
which is not in the moderation queue.  Also, if a message gets discarded or 
posted to the list, there's no way to recoved the pristine copy, the one that 
was inspected by the filter, and the only copy one can use is Decorate'ed,
mangled and/or filled with unwanted Received headers.
Hopefully I'm going to work again on this patch in the next few months.

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