[Mailman-Developers] Problem with MM after power outage

John A. Martin jam at jamux.com
Fri Sep 12 12:56:24 EDT 2003

>>>>> "baw" == Barry Warsaw
>>>>> "Re: [Mailman-Developers] Problem with MM after power outage"
>>>>>  12 Sep 2003 12:35:32 -0400

    baw> On Fri, 2003-09-12 at 12:28, Brad Knowles wrote:
    >> I would suggest making this flag visible on certain OSes.  For
    >> example, turned off by default but visible on Linux, and not
    >> even visible (without hacking) on OSes that don't need it.

    baw> Hmm, I don't know what "make it visible on some OSs" would
    baw> mean. ;) There's a flag in the file with a helpful comment
    baw> which is easily edited, just not in mm_cfg.py.  There will be
    baw> a note about it in the release notes for 2.1.3.

And, moreover, the choice should depend upon the file system and file
system options.  As you know, all Linux boxen do not necessarily only
run ext2 even by distribution default.


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