[Mailman-Developers] customise html templates

david at johmar.com david at johmar.com
Wed Sep 10 13:37:13 EDT 2003

On the 'Administrative requests for mailing list' html page I want to make
it default to 'Discard' rather than 'Defer'. This way I can delete all the
spam by just clicking submit rather than have to mark each one for 'discard'
and then press submit.

I assume I can do this if I could find the name of this page and then use
the 'Edit the HTML for the public list pages', anyone know what it is called
e.g. 'listinfo.html', 'subscribe.html' 'options.html' and
'handle_opts.html'.  I've tried the obvious like admindb.html etc..  anyone
know what it is called or otherwise how to make the change?


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