[Mailman-Developers] OutgoingRunner qrunning 100% CPU

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Sep 22 18:18:31 EDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-22 at 09:27, PieterB wrote:

> One of my qrunners (--runner=OutgoingRunner:0:1 -s) is eating 100%
> cpu continuously. I can't find what is causing it to do that.
> I found out I forgot one of the "-owner"-aliases for a specific list,
> but even after fixing that it is still eating away all CPU-cycles.
> I can't find anything strange in the mailman or postfix logs.
> Can anybody give me a clue, how I can see what is going wrong?
> My system: FreeBSD 4.8, python 2.2.3, mailman 2.1.2

I wonder if this could be the Postfix-returning-450-instead-of-550 known
bug in Mailman 2.1.2.  If you have local addresses on your list that are
non-existent, MM2.1.2 will spin heavily retrying delivery.  There's a
FAQ entry describing changes you can make to your main.cf file to
prevent this.  MM2.1.3 will also fix this problem.  I expect 2.1.3 to be
released next weekend -- we need to clear up some i18n issues before I
can make the release.


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