[Mailman-Developers] Mailman & CPanel?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Sep 22 18:32:19 EDT 2003

I recently received a message about problems with Mailman and CPanel.  I
don't know anything about CPanel, or why Mailman and CPanel might not be
working together, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested in
helping to make sure this is still a viable solution.  I know a lot of
people use Mailman under CPanel, and I think that's a worthwhile thing
to keep available.

I'm perplexed by something the message said though:

        After many complaints, support at the host company said this: "Well, 
        mailman has just released a statement that they will not support 
        CPanel-based mailman installations anymore due to the fact that the 
        CPanel developers have not correctly implemented their solution and 
        causing it to fail, so there isn't much we can do either if both mailman 
        an cpanel developers do not support it. CPanel will most likely be 
        discontinuing it from all servers, too."
There are many things I don't understand about this, but let's start
with "mailman has just released a statement...".  I'm pretty sure /I/
didn't release such a statement, so unless someone has hijacked or
forged my address, I don't believe this is accurate. :)

Does anybody know anything about this?  I'd like to get the record
corrected: I have nothing against supporting CPanel in principle, and
I'd be willing to learn more about what the problems were, and if there
was anything we could do in Mailman to make this combination continue to


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