[Mailman-Developers] Mailman & CPanel?

Robert Anderson rob at ecommerce-magic.com
Mon Sep 22 19:02:43 EDT 2003

A little off topic perhaps but I believe that at least one other open
source project (Interchange Ecommerce System) does have a NO SUPPORT
policy for CPanel users.

I believe that they where having problems with the amount of very
inexperienced webmasters who where sold a CPanel hosting solution and
told that the guys over at the icdevgroup.org (interchange development
group) provide free support.

These webmasters expected that if they checked the "Interchange" box on
a web page they would get a free full featured ecommerce software
package.  And if it didn't work it was up to the open source community
to fix their problems for free.

I don't know the answer but is mailman really an out of the box solution
that is suitable for users without basic programming or linux sysadmin
skills?  Because there are a lot of CPanel users in this category.
Robert Anderson

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Ecommerce Magic Ltd
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