[Mailman-Developers] Planning for the next release

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri Sep 26 13:40:18 EDT 2003

Not that I have any more free time than I used to, but I'd like to start
planning for the next major release of Mailman.  Over the summer I made
some good progress on Mailman 3, but I'm beginning to think that we'll
need a MM2.2 release sooner than that.  There's a ton of stuff backed up
that can't really go into 2.1.x.  MM2.2 would be more modest, with no
fundamental architectural changes, but hopefully some useful new
features nonetheless.

So I've started a wiki page to start collecting ideas.  I'm not
committing to any of them, but we need a place to document and discuss
things that might go into Mailman 2.2.  Here's the url:


Feel free to comment, or add other wish list items.  I'll garden the
wiki as necessary.


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