[Mailman-Developers] Re: Bounce removal parameters default values

Greg Stark gsstark at mit.edu
Fri Sep 26 14:58:47 EDT 2003

Barry Warsaw <barry at python.org> writes:

> - We probe your address for a while, and if we get a bounce, then we
> disable you and do the normal notifications for reinstatement.

I don't understand this one. Why would you have to poll to check for bounces.
You handle the bounce as it comes in.

> - If we /don't/ get a bounce from you for, what? X number of days, what

If you don't get a bounce you don't do anything. 
Do you normally do things when nothing happens?

> I don't necessarily trust that we can send only one, but OTOH I don't want
> to fill up your inbox with probe messages.

Why would you keep sending probes? You only send probes when the conditions
are met which are the current conditions for disabling a user.

So what I'm suggesting is:

. When you get a bounce from a list message you record it and see if the
  limits have been reached. If N consecutive previous list messages to the
  address have bounced covering the minimum time period etc then you send a

. When you get a bounce from a probe you always disable the address.

  You could add a check to see if the probe was within the last few days and
  check whether any list messages have gotten through since the probe was
  sent, but all of that is just for paranoia's sake, in case someone flushes
  an old mail spool after fixing a mailbox.

Actually ezmlm takes that one step further. If a probe bounces then it waits
some time period and sends another probe. If the second probe bounces then
you're dropped. 


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