[Mailman-Developers] "@" in mail **text** gets replaced inarchives

Harald Meland harald.meland at usit.uio.no
Sun Sep 28 05:13:55 EDT 2003

[Barry Warsaw]

> I really really want to use something like message-ids to generate
> message file names.  I want to be able to generate links to archived
> messages in the footers, but I think the best way to do that is to agree
> on a reproducible, independent algorithm for calculating them.

What input parameters should such an algorithm have?  I take it that
you want to use just

 * list name and
 * message-id

and I think that would mostly work.  However, the "mostly" part means
that Mailman would need to implement some policy for dealing with
posts that use an already-archived message-id.  Some possible policies
would be:

 1) On message arrival, Mailman checks whether the archives already
    contains that message-id.  If it does, the message is rejected, so
    the sender gets a chance to re-post the message with a fresh

 2) Whenever Mailman receives a message whose message-id is already
    present in the archives, the original Message-Id: header is
    renamed to e.g. X-Original-Message-Id:, and Mailman generates a
    fresh (as in "not yet present in the archives") message-id before
    the message is either archived or sent to the list members.

 3) Messages with duplicate message-ids are posted to the members
    as-is, but won't be archived.


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