[Mailman-Developers] [java-help@gcc.gnu.org] ezmlm warning

Greg Stark gsstark at mit.edu
Tue Sep 30 11:10:31 EDT 2003

As an example of what I mean this is the notice that ezmlm sends. 

It's really helpful too, it explains that the messages have been bouncing,
provides an example of the bounce so the user can make a guess *why* they're
bouncing, and provides a link to the archives (actually instructions on
retrieving them by e-mail).

It also explains that in order to drop you from the list the bounce
notification message has to itself bounce. In fact it goes a step further and
sends a followup message. It will only remove you if that message bounces too.

I think mailman really needs something like this. I haven't been removed from
any ezmlm lists even though I periodically get these notifications from lots
of them.

In fact I wouldn't even know *why* I was being dropped from mailman lists
regularly if it weren't for these ezmlm notifications. That's really bad.
Mailman drops people without any warning or notification of what it's doing or

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