[Mailman-Developers] MailMan Archives and more cPanel Control

Gregory A. Clark gaclark at attglobal.net
Tue Sep 30 17:00:48 EDT 2003

I can only create and maintain my mailing list options via cPanel. The
actual mailman files are not in a user accessible area for me. I have
private archival set on. When I look at the generated archive page there

1. a link to download the full raw archive
2. a link "Downloadable version [ Gzip'd Text xx KB ]"

Is there any development initiative to allow more control of the
MailMail archiving via cPanel? Is there any current way I can suppress
these, given my obvious lack of system privileges? I don't want these
archive download links to appear.

I have the following at my current web hosting account:

MailMan Version 2.1.2
Pipermail 0.09
cPanel Version 7.4.2
MySQL Version 4.0.15
PHP Version 4.3.3


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